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Garbage Pollution Engulfs Clara Town

By Fatu S. Sambola (Internews Intern)
Waste pollution continues to cause serious health hazard for residents of Monrovia and Clara Town, a slump community, situated near the Du-River is fast becoming an area of concentration.
The community is already overpopulated especially with children and the residents have no choice but to inhale the distasteful smell from the pollution of the dirt which is dumped around the community and it takes weeks before being removed by government authority.
For sometimes now, residents themselves have been trying to give their community a facelift while at the same time, they continue to make appeals to the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to assist them dispose the dirt at a suitable location.
A community resident, Moses Gray, alluded that garbage is taking over the entire Clara Town Community but blamed the residents for doing nothing to help the government noting, “There is a need that we come together as people in the area and organize a cleaning up campaign.”
Another resident, Sekou Sheriff stated, among many things, that Clara Town is dirty and added, “It has lots of garbage because the Monrovia City Corporation is not collecting the dirt in time therefore it has become normal that residents are living with the smell of the garbage.”
Miatta Kromah, a resident and marketer in the community, told this paper that the dirtiness of the market is an embarrassment to everyone that goes there because they sit in the dirt to sell while customers have to go into that same dirt to buy and that could be among the reasons many of them are sick all of the time.

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