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Ganta–Saclepea Highway Work Kicks off

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

The long awaited Ganta-Saclepea Highway Road works officially kicked off last Tuesday in Ganta City, Bain- Garr District, in Nimba with the demolition of dwelling homes, shops, medicine stores, bars and restaurants that were within the right of way along the Ganta-Saclepea Highway in the county.
The demolition of properties within the right of away on the main street from NP Gas Station going towards the LPMC market on the Ganta–Saclepea Highway were marked by the Ministry of Public Works during the survey exercise in the county.
The demolition brought normal activities to a standstill as thousands of youths, marketers, motorcyclists lined up along the road to witness the exercise.
According to President George Weah, the 37 Kilometer Saclepea Highway Road work is in fulfillment of his 2017 presidential campaign promised with Senator Prince Yormie Johnson during the heat of the presidential election in 2017 in the country.
Since the inauguration of President George Manneh Weah in the country in 2018, farm to market road works coupled with the pavement of national roads is in high gear on Saniquellie Highway and Gbellay Geh Highway to connect the border town in Loguatuo with the Republic of Ivory Coast.
Clearing of farms to market roads is presently going on in Zoe- Geh- Bahn–Butuo Highway to connect the administrative headquarter at Butuo in electoral district five with the Republic of Ivory Coast.
During a guided tour from LPMC community to the main street in Ganta, many of the citizens whose properties were in the right of away were busy relocating their families while other people jubilated and praised the government for such a development to come into the county.
Speaking to citizens on Radio Kergheamahn, the Ministry of Public Works assigned Resident Engineer, Francise Cater, appealed to citizens to remain calm because development goes with pain, sorrow, and that time was running out for the pavement of roads as mandated by the government of Liberia.

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