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Fula Community On Mary Broh
-Demands Immediate Retraction, Apology

The Fula Community in Liberia, through the office of the National Fula Governor, Alhaji Mohammed Bailo Sow, has condemned the recent tribal and discriminatory statement emanating from the Director of the General Services Agency (GSA), now Chairperson of the Presidential Taskforce on Power Theft, Mary T. Broh, insinuating that the Fulanis do not owe allegiance to Liberia.

During Broh’s haunt for power thieves over the weekend, she claimed that Fulanis are not contributing anything to the Republic of Liberia, but instead taking their money to Guinea, Mauritania and Mali to invest. Her statement was in reaction to an individual supplying a Fulani with “stolen current”.

However, the Fula community has described Broh’s statement as not only false and counter-productive to the unification of the citizenry, but also an affront to their entire community, for which they are demanding an immediate retraction and apology from her.

In a press release issued on Saturday, November 12, 2022, signed by the Fula Governor and read by Fatumata J. Barry, the Fula community said, “It is an open secret that we are contributing immensely to the infrastructure development of our country, Liberia, arguably more than any other single tribe in the country. It is unfortunate that a stateswoman, like Mary Broh, would choose to question our allegiance to Mama Liberia—a country that our forefathers migrated to even before 1847.

Per the statistics of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Fulanis are the highest contributors in the small tax division, which is performing much more than the medium and large tax divisions.

“Let it be made categorically and emphatically clear that Broh is no citizen more than any one of us—we were born here, schooled here and contributing our quota to the Motherland to the best of our ability.

With this, we even wonder whether Broh has any biological child residing in Liberia or any physical investment to show, or is she only awaiting our tax monies to be paid.”

According to the release, “In as much as we recognize her effort in the fight against power theft, it should in no way be a conduit to launch a discriminatory attack on our tribe.

Therefore, we demand that Mary Broh unconditionally retract her irresponsible statement and register her unreserved apology, or risk necessary actions.”

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