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From Observers To Participants …Liberian Army Surfaces In Michigan For War Simulation Training

Liberian troops have arrived in the United States of America, to participate in this year annual war simulation training, known as Northern Strike, in the state of Michigan.
The Liberian Military delegation is headed by Armed Forces of Liberia Deputy Chief of Staff Geraldine George.
The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Chief of Staff, Maj/Gen. Prince Charles Johnson, III, has expressed delight over the new role of the AFL, from observers to participants, stressing that those participating in the exercise will immediately be deployed in the West African State of Mali as part of UN peacekeeping mission.
The army Chief of Staff expressed thanks to the Michigan National Guard for the participatory training opportunity given the AFL and said he has confidence in the State Partnership Program between the AFL and the Michigan National Guard which has provided local and international trainings for personnel of the AFL.
This partnership according to him will allow soldiers from the AFL and Michigan the opportunities to train together, travel and learn from each other in a new country and new environment and also gives them the opportunities to make new friends and mentors abroad.
Though this is the first time that AFL soldiers are actively participating in the physical Northern Strike Exercise, Gen Johnson said he is confident that his troops will perform beyond expectations, as this exercise demonstrates the ability to provide accessible readiness-building opportunities adding, “This will bring our troops up to speed and put them at a proficiency level to perform their peacekeeping duties in Mali.”
Meanwhile, military personnel from all over the United States and three foreign countries will converge on Northern Michigan this summer for an annual war simulation training known as Northern Strike, officials said.
The Liberian Military enjoys a harmonious relationship with the Michigan National Guard that has provided several training opportunities for personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia and staff of the Ministry of National Defense.
From July 31-August 14, the Michigan National Guard will host about 5,100 participants from three U.S. Army components, U.S. Air Force active duty and guard, U.S. Marine and U.S. Navy components, plus units from the United Kingdom, Latvia and Liberia at the National All-Domain Warfighting Center.

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