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Fouta Corporation Rewards 3 Retirees

The Management of Fouta Corporation has presented the documents and keys of modern houses to three of its employees who have been retired.
Those retired sometime in January of this year and are the beneficiaries of the three modern houses are situated at Upper Caldwell, Montseerado County are Forkpa K. Kollie, Nathaniel N. Yelebo and Harris Pelham.
One of the three former employees, Forkpa K. Kollie, served the Corporation for 12 years as Sales Manager, while Nathaniel N. Yelebo served the Corporation as Custom Broker for 30 years and Harris Pelham served the Corporation for 13 years as Chief Driver.
At the elaborate farewell program on Saturday, July 24, 2021, each of the three former employees was given tangible retirement benefits for their invaluable services rendered the company.
The president of the Fouta Corporation, Alhadji Mohammed B. Sow, who commended the retirees for their good works during the time they served the company, reminded his employees that it is good to give back to people who worked for you tirelessly.
“This is why we built these three modern houses for them. The first house contains three bed rooms, which belongs to Forkpa K. Kollie, former Sales Manager, while the other two houses, each contains two bed rooms, and they belong to Nathaniel N. Yelebo, former Custom Broker and Harris Pelham, former Chief Driver,” he stated.
He admonished the retirees to make maximum use of the facilities for the betterment of themselves and their families.
Cutting of the ribbons and presenting the documents and keys of the three modern houses to the beneficiaries, the General Manager of the company, Omaru A. Barry, paid tribute to the retired employees, thanked them for their hard and commitments during the years they diligently served the company.
The Chairperson of the Board of Fouta Corporation, Alhaji M. Abdallah, said the Fouta Corporation highly appreciated the vital services the retired employees gave the company and the management thought it wise to present the documents and keys of the modern houses to the beneficiaries in addition to their financial benefits they received when they were officially retired in January of this year at an elaborate farewell program.
Mr. Abdallah bragged that the company prioritizes the welfare of its employees and staffs and encouraged them to emulate the good example of the retirees.
He then the thanked the retirees for their invaluable services rendered the company and wished them well in their future endeavors.
Meanwhile, on behalf of his colleagues, Yelebo thanked the Management of Fouta Corporation, for the gesture, describing it as generous.
“I thank the Fouta Corporation’s Family for building these modern houses for us. I am overjoyed for such a great gesture. It is good to be honest and sincere to your bosses and in your working area. This is a great result we have gotten,” Mr. Yelebo, who showered praises on the Management of Fouta Corporation, asserted.

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