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For Squandering Vehicles Registration Fees: Transport Dismisses 4

By Precious D. Freeman
The Ministry of Transport (MoT) has with immediate effect dismissed four of its employees for squandering registration fees entrusted them by vehicle owners.
Employees who were dismissed are; Adolphus Teddy Troh, Melvin Thompson, Christopher Zezah of the division of inspectorate and Ellen Nimely of the Division of Customers Service.
Addressing the media over the weekend, the Minister for Transport, Samuel A. Wlue, said he has repeatedly warned employees to desist from the illegal practices of defrauding government of its lawful revenues.
He said it is becoming business as usual that employees are bent on issuing fake insurances and vehicle registration documents to people who proceed to the Ministry to process their transport related documents.
According to him, the administration has issued several internal memos against employee’s illegally expediting or processing of transport related documents entrusted them by taxpayers.
Minister Wlue added that they were dismissed on Thursday, July 1, 2021 on his order after conducting investigation of complaints of alleged financial frauds thereby; contravening Section 4.2.2h and 4.2.2d of the Civil Service Standing Orders which has the propensity to bring the Ministry to public disrepute.
Meanwhile he recalled that on January 13, 2021, Calvin Passawe and Francis Flomo of the inspectorate division were dismissed by administration for fraudulently processing fake insurance and vehicle documents in total disregards to administrative directives.
Minister Wlue has however threatened to continue dismissing employees if they do not desist from illegal practices and as well defrauding Government of lawful revenues.

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