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For L$21 Million Loan: Debt Court Sent GT Bank Relationship Manager To Prison

By Grace Q. Bryant

Debt Court Judge, James Jones has arrested and sent to the Monrovia Central Prison the Guaranty Trusty Bank Liberia (GT Bank) Relationship Manager Andrea Doubah for allegedly using L$21Million intended for loan purpose.

The Judge’s decision came as a result of the Managing Director Ikenna Anekwe’s seven-count file complaint requesting the court to enter judgment finding defendant Doubah liable for L$21 Million plus interest rate and cost of the court’s proceedings.

According to the complaint, plaintiff Anekwe says that it is a financial institution incorporated and licensed to provide banking services in accordance with the business association Law and the financial institutions Act of the Central Bank of Liberia and having its registered office on the Tubman Boulevard, 13th Street Sinkor.

Anekwe explained that defendant Doubah is employed by GT Bank as Relationship Manager, who initiated and disbursed the sum of LD$26m loan into a sub-account of 203-320-646-111 of DUK’s Mineral Water on November 30, 2021, after defendant Doubah had feigned documents to include letters for the loan request, board resolution and opening of the sub-account of DUK’s Mineral Water under the signatory of a fictitious person; Samuel K. Johnson.

“Thus, defendant coordinated the withdrawal of the amount from the sub-account, changed same to United States Dollars and converted the proceed to her personal use, contrary to Law,” the plaintiff noted.

Plaintiff Anekwe stated further that defendant Doubah and her husband Victor George of the USA negotiated an irrevocable stipulation payment plan to pay the outstanding amount L$21,201,406.37 of the said LD$ 26million that was disbursed as loan into the account, which she promised to pay to the bank.

However, Defendant Doubah has paid the amount of L$5,905.00.00 through multiple mode of payment to the bank.

The plaintiff further explained that he has made several requests of the defendant since the month of July 2021 to pay or settle their financial obligations of the loan agreement but same has proved futile.

“The defendant has intentionally and defiantly refused and neglected to pay the amount or fulfill their financial obligations despite all attempts to have defendant make the full settlement of the said outstanding amount and that he filed this cause of Action with the permission and authorization of its Board of Directors,” the plaintiff disclosed.

According to the Judge’s order; if the defendant fails to appear before March 14, judgment will be entered against it by default.

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