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For Gross Disrespect: Senator Prince Johnson Vows To Boot Rep. Kogar Out 2023

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson has avowed to campaign to ensure that Representative Samuel Kogar of District five gets a political red card come 2023.
Senator Johnson accused Representative Kogar of allegedly standing in the way of development and lacks respect for the elders that elected him in electoral district five in Nimba County.
Nimba County’s acclaimed ‘god father’ added that, “Representative Kogar is a very disrespectful to the office of the senior senator of Nimba and I will make sure to vigorously campaign against him; to kick him out in the pending 2023 Presidential and Representative election in the country.”
Senator Prince Yormie Johnson revealed that over thousands of elders living in the various towns, villages in the district have allegedly disrupted Representative Kogar’s endorsement program on grounds that he does not regard the office of the senior senator in the county.
Since the beginning of May 2021, Representative Larry Younquoi, of District eight and Representative Kogar have been accusing Senator Johnson for being greedy and disrespectful to his colleagues who are all from the same county.
However, Representative Kogar is accusing Senator Johnson of masterminding and clandestinely planting individuals to disrupt his endorsement program held recently in the district.
According to Representative Kogar, Senator Johnson was allegedly behind the disruption of the endorsement program by calling on the elders via mobile phone to disrupt the program with the intent of making him unpopular in the district as 2023 presidential and Representative elections draw closer in the country.

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