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Remembering The Media Oracle
Philip Nimene Wesseh (‘Gina’) In His Ailing Home

In materialistic terms, I lack the sophistication to estimate the worth of PNW but can boast of his riches when it comes to the transfer of his knowledge at both the vertical and horizontal levels in propping up apprentices and sharing ideas with colleagues in the field of journalism.

Wasn’t this the same path that the great pivot of philosophical history Socrates trod by impacting knowledge and not building selfish material wealth?

I’m connected by historical reflection that whenever PNW was privileged to address a school as a guest speaker, he didn’t extract “gas money” from the host institution but instead he identified potential talents and invested into them by way of offering scholarship.

I will remain privy to name calling but his prototypes can be seen and their impact felt in society generally.

Given his experience working for and with the Liberian media, PNW could have adopted the strategic maneuvering politics to ascend to any appointed height in the Liberian society.

Let me send a shock wave down your nerves. In confidence, I’ve learned reliably that at sundry times, the ‘Gina’(PNW) was offered some public positions which could have allowed him to amass quick wealth, allowed siren to be blown by his car too, privileged to breach traffic regulations at will and elevated to the height of showing political force and shunning the rule of law.

But no, his rejection proves philosophically that “position is not possession.”

PNW humbly turned down quick-fixed prestigious offers in his quest to do his part for the society in a different way- to write and to speak for the greater good of humanity.

And if you are rationalizing that PNW missed ‘opportunities’ I will submit to your tutelage to grasp the concept of ‘your opportunity’ framework definition. He’s one of us who is now homebound, let’s remember him.

Hey, lest I forget, he speaks and writes cautiously as a lawyer, too. A graduate of the Louise Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia, PNW shares his knowledge free of charge when given the fora or called upon for his legal comments or opinions on trendy societal issues.

So you, see, he’s one of the lawyers (Attorney-at-Law) that Liberia can reference. He’s homebound and needs collegial cushion.

The “Gina” (PNW) walked from the Borough of New Kru Town to the University of Liberia in pursuit of tertiary education. He scrambled for seat in TH (Tubman Hall) Room 49 and or 50 and ate farina (granulated cassava product), roasted cassava and coconut as well.

At some point he still wonders if he and some of his colleagues are not still indebted for the low cost food (CKA 404) they ate on the University campus at the mercy of those kind hearted mothers. Of course undoubtedly he belongs to the class of what Professor Paul Collier refers to as the ‘Bottom Billion’ (Collier, 2007) by his attendance of the D.Tweh High School (a public school) in his quest for secondary education. During his primary, PNW walked bare footed like any other young chap reflective of his down trodden class in the Liberian society. Now you understand that he’s one of us but he’s homebound.
I know for sure, PNW, along with other media executives continue to keep enduring ties with the Press Union of Liberia. PNW never ceases to remind fellow colleagues and most especially young cadres entering the profession of journalism to be cautious of three perils in their professional sojourn: that no news story is worth dying for; never hurry to break a news when all sides are not heard; and never “stand by a story” when the reality cannot support your claim. Now, you understand that he’s indeed one of us needing our partnership and companionship at this time of his homeboundness.

I recall on multiples occasions when I went to consult the ‘media Gina’ (PNW) and he allowed me in his office and he would say to his guys “Kennedy, you and Jackson please get outside so that I may speak with Mr. Dahn. And we talked.

At one point, I was given a time sensitive task by my boss then, when I served as a junior minister of government. By its time sensitive nature, the task overwhelmed me.

My boss smartly read that through my countenance and then suggested to me, “Dahn, go to PNW and you guys will have that issue managed”. Indeed, PNW proved apotropaic to the management of the situation.

I feel proud to acknowledge that I tapped into the wisdom of PNW, who in my consideration is a selfless individual by birth, a simple man by nature and a humble man by his ‘Methodist Faith’.

By our collective “LIBERIANNESS”, forgive my repetition that the ‘Gina’ (PNW) is one of us who is now homebound. I’m intentional in closing this piece with the scripture on purpose: “For I was hungry and you gave Me no food; I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink…sick… and you did not visit Me.

Then they also will answer Him, saying ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty…. or sick… and did not minister to you? Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.” (Matt. 25: 42-45).

Dedicated to the ‘Gina’ (PNW), “I rest my case”

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