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For Attempted Murder: American Missionary Spends 1st Night In Jail

By Grace Q. Bryant

Judge of Magisterial Court in St. Paul Bridge, John Griggs, has sent an American National, Lucas K. Richards, to the Monrovia Central Prison, for allegedly slashing the throat of his girlfriend, Jessica Lloyd, in an attempt to kill her in Palm Farm Community, Dixville.

Defendant  Richard was charged with the crime of Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Aggravated Assault, in violation of Chapter 10; Section 10.1, Chapter 14.

According to the police charge, the defendant knowingly, purposely, and intentionally attempted to cause the death of victim Lloyd by hitting her on the head with a heavy or blunt object, which caused her to go unconscious, and subsequently used a sharp object (knife) to slash her throat.

Defendant Richard denied ever having a direct involvement in the incident which led to victim Lloyd sustaining a deep laceration on her throat.

The investigation furthered that victim Lloyd and defendant Richard met at the Y. W. A. M. Bible Mission, situated on the Robertfield Highway in 2022, where she and her brother, Jesse Lloyd, attended as students and defendant Lucas Richard was at said Mission as a teacher.

While attending the Mission as a student, victim Lloyd and defendant Lucas Richard got involved into a love relationship, which was subsequently followed by a traditional wedding that took place at victim Lloyd’s family residence at Patience Shop Community, Dwahn Town, Barnersville.

The police investigation explained that before the incident on Thursday, September 14, defendant Richard had been financially assisting victim Lloyd and her family, during visitation to the Lloyd family’s house and out of the family residence.

Accordingly, during the relationship, she said that she got impregnated after they visited some counties, namely Margibi, Nimba, Montserrado, and Grand Cape Mount, for Bible outreach for three months, but the pregnancy was aborted after the defendant administered an injection on the human person of the victim and also gave her some tablets to take.

According to the police investigation, on Thursday, September 14, during afternoon hours, the defendant visited the residence of the victim’s family, where he carried some items.

“After spending some time at the Lloyd’s residence, he asked the victim to accompany him out of her residence so that they could sit together for him to console her for the loss of her pregnancy, but before leaving the house, he left US$150.00 with her brother Jesse, to aid in the upkeep of the family,” the police narrated.

The police said, “When defendant and victim left the house, he drove towards the small St. Michael School direction, where they entered a supermarket on the main Japanese Freeway, Gardnersville, and purchased some food stuffs before boarding the vehicle.

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