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FIU Commends Gov’t In Money Laundering Fight

The Financial Intelligence Unit of Liberia (FIU) is commanding the Government of Liberia for the indictment of Korlane Investments Liberia Limited Liability Company.
The company was charged with Sundry for Money Laundering, Wire fraud, Theft of Property and Criminal Conspiracy and expressed that the Indictment serves as a new day in the country’s fight against money laundering and other transnational crimes in Liberia.
The FIU thanked all competent authorities for the coordination and cooperation in the investigation that subsequently led to the indictment of this shell company and its co-conspirators.
“It is the ardent hope of the Financial Intelligence Unit of Liberia that the trial will be speedy in setting new precedent and deterrence to would be criminals, whose sole desire is to abuse the Liberian financial space for their criminal gains.” The FIU inferred.

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