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First Lady Tours New Facility

The “City of Hope” facility that is expected to bring relief to thousands of Liberians especially underprivileged girls has come alive, as construction works are progressing at a rapid pace and that all of the various buildings are up and nearing completion.

As means of ensuring its fast completion, the Vision bearer of the facility, First Lady Clar Marie Weah over the weekend, toured the project with great delight and optimism that the institution will soon open its doors to the public.

Mrs. Weah is undertaking the initiative through her Foundation, Clar Hope Foundation in Marshall, Margibi County.

Her vision is to change the story of less fortunate Liberians through quality education, training, and a new way of life to enable them to contribute to the development processes of Liberia.

The City of Hope multipurpose complex is a dream of transformation for the Liberian people, especially the underprivileged. It is a beacon of hope for a better and brighter future for the country and its citizenry.

Additionally, the multi-purpose complex, which is still undergoing construction, comprises the following: academic and vocational school buildings, Dormitories for academic and vocational school students, recreation centers (soccer pitch, tennis court, indoor gym, swimming pool, theatre, etc.), administrative building and clinic among others.

The project when completed would endeavor to accommodate and educate the first batch of 200 girls, ages 3 – 6; rehabilitate and provide technical vocational skills to disadvantaged youths including street girls among others.

The City of Hope project is not being funded by the government of Liberia but through donations from well-meaning individuals, and private donors including Liberians.

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