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Firestone Workers Report Management To Weah, But…

By Alex Yomah

Firestone Agricultural Workers’ Union of Liberia (FAWUL) has petitioned President George Weah to prevail on the Firestone Concession Company to repeal the current Decent Work of 2012 on retirement pension.
FAWUL leader Rodennick Bongorlee indicated that those in the company’s employ other than job related sicknesses or injuries must be catered for by the company and also be compensated for services rendered, especially during the course of his/her employment.
The workers also want the management of Firestone to place a halt to all sub-contracts of young rubber trees that have not reached tapping levels for the purpose of sustaining employment, job security, education, medical and other concessional benefits that workers are been denied.
The petition highlighted among other issues to be halted the incorporation of local unions into the National Unions as bargaining units because the issue is not clear and within the Decent Work Act it does not call for such arrangement.
The oldest rubber concession company workers also called the government’s attention to revisit its NASSCORP Policy and Permit with the Firestone Agricultural Workers Union of Liberia as well to maintain or regain its position on the NASSCORP Board as a full-fledged member representing the largest concession workers Union in Liberia.
The group also requested that President Weah assist FAWUL with a vehicle for operational purpose as well as his intervention in the retirees case which has been before the Supreme Court of Liberia since 2019; the Plant Protection Department case since 2012 and the illegal dismissal of 25 workers of Division #35.
The Liberian leader then said in order to avoid noise, the group should channel their plights through their respective leaders as the government works behind the scene to engage their management.

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