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Fire Renders Several Homeless In West Point

The Township of West Point was yesterday a scene of sorrow and grief when several residents were rendered homeless by a fierce fire outbreak, thereby burning to ashes all that they had labored for.
From a witness’ account, the fire was believed to have started about 8:00 a.m. yesterday, when some residents of West Point noticed that two houses containing six bed-rooms and a shop owned by a Fula man was gutted by heavy fire.
According to reports gathered by this institution, a lady only identified as Madam D. usually fries doughnuts near the place that got burnt, and that she had on countless occasions been warned not to fry doughnuts near the identical spot because the shop owner sells gas.
The reports also mentioned that Madam D. refused to adhere to the warnings and continued to perform her usual duty by frying her doughnuts.
Our reporter on the scene got information from the community dwellers that yesterday morning when this lady was as usual frying her doughnuts, heavy breeze blew the fire and combined with the gas in the shop it remorselessly intensified and destroyed the properties.
Meanwhile, during the disaster, Madam D. is said to have escaped the scene and is nowhere to be found leaving the victims in total agony.

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