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Festus Logan’s Family Allegedly Mobs Man, 58, But…

On Saturday night, a man, 58, alleged that he was almost lynched to death by the children of the Liberia Refugee, Repatriation, and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC’s) Director, Festus Logan in the Peace Community, Upper Caldwell in Montserrado County.
Oldman Abraham Bangula, alias Tarpeh Toe, fell prey to Courage Logan and Samuel Johnson believed to be the children of Festus including private guards serving at Festus Logan’s premises in the community
Due to the gravity of Tarpeh Toe’s wounds in his upper lip for which he lost his upper teeth, he was given 17 stitches by doctors and nurses after being rushed to the New Hope Medical and Laboratory Clinic by his rescuers.
When the matter was reported to the Zone 7 Depot in Samukai Town, it was said that the police there allegedly refused to take siege of the case apparently on grounds that Director Logan is a ranking officer of the current regime therefore he seemed untouchable.
The LRRRC Director Logan who denied knowing victim Tarpeh Toe when contacted, later claimed that the victim is a suspected criminal who roams around the community stealing anything in his reach.
Logan then distanced his son Courage including Johnson, whom he admitted is one of the guards serving at his premises relative, from the incident. “I am a decent man and a person of God. That incident happened Friday night on May 14, and not Saturday, May 15, as you were told,” he bragged.
Logan described Oldman Tarpeh Toe as a drunker and that whenever he got intoxicated, he loiters in the community begging people for food and “If you refuse he jumps on you and that was the case on that fateful night following a tarry that was held at his church, the Grace and Mercy Church in the Peace Community.
However, on Sunday, May 16, Oldman Tarpeh Toe accompanied by J. Adascus Bundor, a Retired Major of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and Chairperson of Block-A in the Peace Community in Caldwell walked into The INQUIRER offices narrating his ordeal.
Because of the severity of the wound sustained, Oldman Toe could neither speak nor open his mouth to talk therefore, it was Major Bundor who spoke for him accusing Director Logan’s child and the private guards on his compound of allegedly wanting to lynch Toe to death in the nearby bushes.
He said the incident happened Saturday night at about 7:P.M when one of Logan’s sons, Courage Logan, 18, first made the attempt to mob the old man with stick allegedly from simple advice given him to avoid trouble by going to jail for rape as he (Courage) allegedly attempted abusing a girl below 13 years old.
The advice by Oldman Bundor seemed not to have gone down well with young Logan who attempted beaten Toe with sticks but was prevented by some residents in the community.
“It did not stop there, Courage, Samuel Johnson and some guards of Festus Logan compound followed victim Toe and while enroute home, they grabbed him and took him into the bush and began to mob him almost to death,” eyewitness Bundor said.
When the elder was rescued from them by some residents in the community, Bundor said and the police were called in to the Logan’s residence, without remorse his wife, Maima Logan, began raining insults couple with the issuance of threats and allegedly attempted wasting acid water on anybody who refuses to vacate her premises.
Meanwhile, Logan who claimed that he and his family are not linked to the mobbing of Oldman Toe told this paper how a community peace was being brokered to handle the matter instead of going forward.

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