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FeJAL Concerned About Waves Of Threats, Attacks on Journalists

The Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) says it is concerned about statements of threats and attacks on the lives of some of its members by state securities and unknown persons.
The association said journalists Aryee Davis of Green Coast Online TV, Oretha Bundoo Seh of ECOWAS Radio and Hannah Geterminah of the Daily Observer Newspaper have been the latest victims of verbal attacks, written threats and physical assaults, amongst others in recent times.
In her complaint to FeJAL, Journalist Davis said she has been receiving life threatening messages and statements from Grand Gedeh County District 3 Representative Alex Grant and his alleged supporters following her publications of two articles on the academic credentials of the Representative from the Ibadan University in Nigeria.
While journalists Geterminah and Seh informed the leadership of the association that they were insulted and physically assaulted by a police officer at the Metro Police Station on Ashmun Street on Friday June 25, 2021 while on official duty.
The two journalists said they were following up illegal confiscation of the phone of a colleague, Trojan Molley Kiazolu of Fabric FM when an officer of the Liberia National Police identified as Paul Kanneh rain insults on them and physically attacked Ms. Geterminah thereby tearing off her clothes.
Currently journalist Davis and her family are said to be living in fear due to the current threats she continues to receive from unknown individuals since the publication on Grain Coast Online TV.
FeJAL believes that such threats undermine the independence in the practice of journalism and as such journalists should be not be threatened or attacked while performing their journalistic duties.
The Female Journalists Association of Liberia is calling for speedy investigation in the case between journalists Geterminah and vehemently condemns threats on the lives of journalist Aryee Davis and her family members.
It can be recalled that journalist Gloria Tamba of Spoon FM /TV was threatened in similar manner by some unknown individuals while covering a story in 2020 and such threats caused her to flee the country.
FeJAL is therefore calling on the Government of Liberia to ensure that the lives of journalists are protected and their safety ensured at all times.

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