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Father, Step-mother Under Probe For Child’s Death …Accused Of Starving 11-year-old For 3 Weeks

By Grace Q. Bryant

The Liberia National Police is investigating a man identified as Emmanuel Brown over the death of his 11-year old son, Jeremy Brown, who was discovered abandoned with insects and ants all over his body.
The incident which occurred early this week in the ELWA Hospital Community was alleged to have been as a result of abandonment by Mr. Brown, the biological father of the child and his wife having observed that little Jeremy was suffering epilepsy (spell).
The report gathered that the young boy had been allegedly kept as a prisoner in a zinc house for close to five months with little or nothing to eat or drink therefore; the child began feeding on anything within his reach which included plastic bags and pieces of mattress in the room.
The information revealed further that apparently there was absolutely nothing the police could do as it was too late for the child who passed within less than an hour following the police intervention.
The community dwellers who called in the police also took several pieces of the plastic from the child’s throat in order to feed him and quench his thirst, but he did not survive; which many believed was due to starvation.
The Liberia National Police arrested the parents but Mrs. Brown was later released because she is pregnant while Mr. Brown is currently in police custody.

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