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Executive Mansion Rejects Debate With Cummings …Says He And Pres. Weah ‘Are Not Equal’

By Alex Yomah

The Executive Mansion has officially broken silence over an open debate with President George Weah by the Collaborating Political Party’s (CPP) Chairman, Alexander Cummings- stating that the CPP Chairman should redirect his debate challenge to his equals-indicating that he and President Weah are not equals for now.Speaking during the resumption of the Executive Mansion Regular Press Update (EMRPU) yesterday, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Smith Toby said that Mr. Cummings should desist from reducing the office of the President, noting that even if he does not like President Weah, he should respect the seat of the President which is the highest seat of the nation, while he too wants to lead one day.
“When you are a candidate, then, you will speak to your peers as a candidate. As of now, President Weah will not debate with any individual who is not even sure whether of his candidacy,” Mansion Deputy Spokesperson said. Mr. Toby wondered why would a Chairman throw out a challenge to a sitting President for debate. “I am wondering in which capacity he, Cummings wants to debate with the President. I think people should look for their equals,” Toby stated.
According to the Executive Mansion, it is an affront to the presidency for a Chairman of a political group to throw a challenge to a President to have a public debate like ordinary politicians, and urged people involved like Cummings to respect their leaders.
Meanwhile, Toby said reports from the Ministry of Justice have disclosed that CPP officials have reneged on submitting to the Ministry’s invite on the Grand Gedeh County violence saga.
According to the Executive the rest of those involved in the Grand Gedeh issue, Mr. Cummings and Yekeh Kolubah have deliberately refused to provide their side, by sending an official communication denouncing the request from the Ministry of Justice , a situation Toby termed as counterproductive.
“The President is hoping that CPP will corporate with the Ministry of Justice to put an end to the issue so as to enable government take action to serve as deterrent for perpetrators, while saying, NO to violence,” Smith Toby said.

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