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Emmanuel Dahn Campaigns For District 7

The Emmanuel Dahn campaign team for the upcoming Legislative and Presidential Elections showed up in Monrovia to show support for him in the battle for his entrance into the Capitol Building.

Thousands of supporters, mainly the youth and those in their 30’s, were seen at the Barrack Young Controllers Sports Pitch in their blue colors to grace the occasion.

Many supporters sang songs to amuse the crowd who attended the program. Among the crowd were Heritage Bloc ‘C’, headed by Chairman, Julius Fallah, alias ‘Kolako’, and a robot man who stood to amuse the jubilating crowd throughout the day.

The number two man of the event was Poka Roberts, who told the crowd of his belief in the man Emmanuel Dahn, to lead and speak for them in the Capitol Building.

He also said a very big thank you for their support and trusts that Emmanuel Dahn can lead them, urging all supporters to vote #4.

Giving his message to the supporters, Emmanuel Dahn himself called the day a wonderful day in district 7, calling it a new beginning in the district.

Dahn showed the entirety of his love for the district by his many opportunities he has given them such as a trade school, water pumps, library, recreation pitch, and a radio station, among others, to include a medical ambulance running across the district.

He noted that he contested the elections in 2014 and lost, but in spite of that, he never gave up or packed his bags like other politicians. He decided to stay and develop the lives of the inhabitants of the district.

He promised to do more in improving the lives of the people of the district, since they see him as an alternative during these elections. He said his work, upon being elected, will be centered on pleading the case of his people at the Capitol Building.

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