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Education Reopens
Schools For 2021/2022

The Ministry of Education has officially announced that classes will begin on Monday, November 1, 2021 as October 1-31, 2021 was the preparatory and registration for all schools.
The Ministry of Education has the mandate to develop the human resource capacity for the Republic of Liberia as enshrined in the Education Law 2011 with appropriate academic calendar for uniformity and complete monitoring and supervision of all schools for quality learning outcomes.
Accordingly, the Ministry warns that any school operating in the confines of the Republic of Liberia that will be defiant to the regulations and policies of the Ministry as of this academic year will be severely penalized without any compromise, to serve as a deterrent to would-be violators.
The Ministry said all instructional programs must and shall be based on its revised national curriculum that is competent based from Early Child Education (ECE) to grade 12 and in the same vein, the supplementary curricula and instructional support materials are allowed to foster instruction for sustainable growth and development of the educational system.
The Education Law 2011 calls for a minimum of 200 instructional days for better learning outcome and the Ministry places high emphasis on reading and requires all school administrators to ensure: reading as a stand-alone subject and should be taught 5 periods per week. This means that Reading should be taught in all Lower Basic Education Schools (grades 1-6) from Monday to Friday.
The Ministry of Education is therefore cautioning all school administrators and authorities including all education stakeholders to abide and be in full compliance of the Ministry’s regulations and policies for peaceful co-existence as the government strives for accessible, affordable, relevant, professional, technical and quality education for all Liberians void of discrimination.
The Ministry wishes to congratulate all professional, law-abiding, and knowledgeable school administrators and authorities for contributing to the human capacity building of the Republic of Liberia holistically.

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