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Education Justifies ‘No Regulation’ Statement Today

Authorities at the Ministry of Education are today expected to answer questions from legislators relative to statements made in the news of recent.
The Senate’s decision to summon authorities of the Ministry of Education was triggered by Montserrado County, Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon’s request to plenary.
“Thankfully, the senate has endorsed my request to have the Minister of Education and his team to appear in plenary today, Thursday, November 18, 2021 to answer to unregulated, astronomical increase/hike in tuition and other related school fees across the country,” Senator Dillon said recently on his Facebook page.
He added, “We will also inquire from the Minister about the overall current status of the Education sector for our action where necessary,” Senator Dillon noted.
The call to explain further by the House of Senate stemmed from recent statement made by Deputy Education Minister, Datim Da-thong at the Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism.
Among other things, the deputy minister told the news conference that absolutely “Nothing” in the law that gives the Ministry of Education the exclusive power to regulate private schools with reference to what private schools charge as tuition and other related school fees.
Other senators described said “statement” from the Ministry of Education authorities as unfounded and a testament to argument that authorities at the helm of power at the Ministry lack the requisite credentials to serve at said positions.
Some senators and Liberians hold the belief that the Deputy Minister and his boss Prof. Ansu Sonni must be dismissed on ground that said is intended to undermine President George Weah’s agenda to improve the educational sector-despite huge support to the sector.
Adding, it is a sheer contradiction for the President of the Republic of Liberia to announce free tuition in all public universities and private schools at the level of high schools charging astronomical fees.
“The Minister said there is no regulation to regulate the sector because he owns a private college called “Star College “while his Boss Prof. Sonii owns his private elementary and both fees are extremely astronomical, “bulk of the senators decried in session.

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