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Dry Christmas …As Economic Condition Pitches Citizens

By Precious D. Freeman

As we observe the festive season many have expressed frustration over the present economic situation for which they are unable to purchase neither goods nor services.

Speaking to this paper the chairperson for Sunshine Boutique, Kollie Toe, said this Christmas is not impressive and there is no business at all, but he only praises God for counting him and others among the living.

According to the chairperson, the streets are overcrowded with sellers and there are no buyers for their businesses; they have been selling almost all day and everybody is only asking for the prices of their goods.

He added that the way his business is going, he is even thinking whether he will be able to buy some items for his children for the season and cater to their school fees, which has never been the case before.

Mr. Toe is urging the government to put in place serious economic strategies so that the country can move forward and he further stated that he had not seen such government like this in his entire life noting that the past government was much better.

“When you go to the bank, you cannot withdraw your own money; how then will people get prepared for Christmas? We are not even seeing any new goods coming out and some are even thinking how to cook on that day,” he explained.

According to another trader, Alieu Kamara, the season is very cold and that there is no excitement which he believes is something unusual adding, the sellers are more than the buyers and that there is no understanding about this whole festive season.

“I cannot blame the buyers. How can someone buy clothes and fashion items when there is no food to eat; the hunger rate is too high in the country and it is frustrating to us the parents,” Mr. Kamara lamented.

However the trader is appealing to the government to see reasons to make the country a better place for the citizens and also wants the President to do something about the economic crisis that the country is faced with.

Esther Davies, a lady who sells provisional items said she does not know why the country is very hard to the extent that one cannot afford to eat to their satisfaction before thinking on buying clothes to wear for the season.

‘’Even though we faced lots of challenges during the past government, the economic crisis was not so terrible  as it is now and besides, the school fees payment is right around the corner and there are no signs of receiving salary most especially for government workers,” she stated. 

Mrs. Davies who is calling on the government to make things straight so the country can be at peace is also pleading with the President to try and pay the government workers so that they are able too, to cater for their families.

Meanwhile, few persons have confessed about how satisfied they have; they said the festive season is perfect[WU1]  for them because they have enough to buy and feed their family.

According to Loretta Teah, she is satisfied with the economy and believed that President George Weah is doing his best for the country so the citizens have to be appreciative and keep praying for him to succeed.

‘’We are always looking for the downfall of our President instead of praying for his victory. All we need to do is to work hard to be able to feed ourselves and our family, and I know that things is already changing for our good, ‘’she said.


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