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Drug Is a Serious Political issue
…Rep. Wiah Asserts

Representative, Julie Fatoma Wiah, says drug abuse is a serious “political issue” because it has been associated with danger nowadays in Liberia.
She said strengthening drug law by making the same non-baillable offense has become a serious impediment on ground that there are competing interests.
Wiah made these comments during a one-day “Interactive Women’s Advocacy Engagement ” which was organized by the Women’s Non-Governmental Organizations’ Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL) in league with the female legislative caucus held recently in Monrovia.
She stated among many things that drug matters here are nothing but political as a result of those who put forward their names by debating in plenary at the Lower House of Representatives were risking themselves.
“My people; this drug business in this country is a political issue. You will not believe what I am saying but for some of us who sign that paper by putting forward the debate on the floor to strengthen the drug law, were doing it at our own risk,” Wiah stated.
She stated further that as lawmakers, they were taking risks with their lives in order to save and protect the lives of the younger generation in the country, but others are not looking up to the future, rather today.
The Representative stated that for narcotic drugs to be curtailed, it requires the collective effort and the resilience of women advocacy groupings across the country.
“The good thing now is that when it comes to Liberia’s population, women are in the majority, therefore, women really need to stand their ground and not to sit supinely and talk or wait for government to handle the matter of drugs,” Wiah noted.
She believes that if women sit and do not act but wait for the government to handle drug business alone, it will not augur well for them because their children are the victims of the abuses.

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