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Dr. Zoedua Denounces Protest In Western Liberia

The Chair of the Marvoh Elders Council, Marvoh is the land where Bea Mountain has its operations. They are the custodian of the land, in Grand Cape Mount County; Dr. Edwin Zoedua has in the strongest term denounced any form of protest against Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC).
Speaking to a team of reporters over the weekend in Grand Cape Mount County, Dr. Zoedua clarified that he had not sat in any meeting for the planning of any protest action as reported to be organized by a group under the banner, Western Region Solidarity Movement.
He stressed that even though he cannot form part of an action, he knows nothing about, but it is more of ridiculous and unnecessary for any group to engage in a protestation at the moment.
“Protest does not help at all. If some people are dissatisfied, they should sit with the relevant people to dialogue,” he said.
The Chairman termed those organizing such protests against the BMMC as a bunch of uneducated folks who are bent on misinforming and misinterpreting the good workings of the community.
He questioned the intent of the protest from a group he claimed failed massively to live up to a contract given them by the company but wants to embark on a sentimental and fruitless fight.
He further expressed disappointment in the attitude of the community leaders.
According to him, those local leaders have not been sincere to themselves and the Bea Mountain Mining Company.
The Chairman of the Marvoh Elders Council stressed that the insincerity of the community leaders is driving the county on a slow developmental path, and believes if the sub-contractors are honest to themselves by completing whatever arranged contract, instead of blaming the company, it would serve the best interest of everyone.
Dr. Zoedua also said whenever the company provides loans for the community; sometimes five or six individuals covertly siphon such money and blame the Bea Mountain Mining Company.
He noted that the company is doing its best for the citizens, but stressed that the Community Relations of the entity needs to educate the citizens more.
“Look, let’s be an honest man and this is why we’re having problems in this place, because you got these so-called uneducated characters here creating problems for us,” he remarked.
“Oh, so you took the money; I’m not going to call too many names because we’re trying to break this thing together called the ‘Class Action’ soon and I will be in front,” Dr. Zoedua averred.
According to him, those guys took the contract from the Bea Mountain Mining Company to fix chairs and tables for a school in the area but upon fixing those materials, the chairs and tables could not stand by themselves.
He indicated that the so-called group planning a protest should rethink their decision and focus on their missteps.
Meanwhile, the Chair of the Marvoh Elders Council in Grand Cape Mount County is recommending a constant dialogue and negotiation to find an amicable solution to whatever dispute.
While suggesting a dialogue, Dr. Edwin Zoedua also called on the management of Bea Mountain Mining Company to create a hotline through which citizens can channel their grievances and other concerns.
He further proposed a workshop to be conducted by the company for the community dwellers, something he believes will help the BMMC to adequately educate the entire citizenry about its operations, including short and long-term plans for the people.

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