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Dr. Gbatu Calls For Peace &
Reconciliation At Bomi Community College

The newly inducted president of the Bomi Community College is calling on Bomi County Legislative administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the Bomi citizens to allow peace and reconciliation reign at the BCC. Dr. Abimelech Pay Gbatu made the statement on Friday, June 10, 2022 when he was inducted as the fifth president of the Bomi Community College in Tubman.
According to the BCC’s president, peace at the BCC will require the collective efforts of all stakeholders in the county including the Legislative Caucus of the county.
In his letter of appointment, the BCC president tasked to lead the BCC, develop the needed programs and elevate the college to a bachelor’s degree awarding university in Western Liberia.
“We cannot achieve these responsibilities when there is conflict among the faculty and administration on one hand and the students, citizens of the county and county Legislative Caucus on the other. There must be peace; I mean total peace on this campus for us to do our work. We must have peace with ourselves and with our fellow compatriots,” he stated. He further said, “This would demand mutual respect, collaboration and commitment to a shared goal and that the mandate to develop BCC into a full-fledged bachelor’s degree university is incredibly a huge task but will become commendable once achieved. Dr. Gbatu noted that the mandate actually demands a heavy price that must be paid and shared by all stakeholders of Bomi County including the county leaders both in private and public sectors.
The BCC president said that he envisions fully investing in the human resource development of the college, which is an obligatory mandate to upgrade BCC to a full-fledged degree granting University but lacks the manpower capacity to achieving that goal.
“But, let me bring to your attention that while you have given us the mandate to perform to your satisfaction and elevate this institution, we are taking over a college with an annual budget less than 700,000.00 USD, an amount that is too small to run the affairs of this school,” Dr. Gbatu disclosed.
“The BCC currently has six instructional classrooms with all of the programs Deans sharing offices which are not even furnished. There is not a functional science laboratory; the library lacks up-to-date textbooks and is not equipped. The nursing laboratory is under-equipped and risks the college’s chance of renewing its accreditation,” he expressed with glumness.

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