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Dr. Annette Davies Wants Liberians Eat More Nutritional Food …Says It Builds The Body Humane System Against Diseases

By WASH R&E “Media” Network
As the nation and people battle the new wave of COVID-19, a nutritionist, Dr. Annette Brimah Davies, Director of Nutrition at the Health Ministry wants Liberians eat more nutritional food while observing all health protocols regarding COVID-19.
Dr. Davies asserted that eating proper diet, drinking a lot of water, reducing the consumption of food with lots of oil and taking enough rest is important doing this period of COVID-19 in the country.
She named the 5 categories as carbohydrate like rice, plantains, eddoes, Protein food like meat, fish, milk and benny seeds.
Dr. Davies also named vegetable like cassava Leaf, potatoes, greens, palaver sauce, collards greens and fruits.
“These nutrients based diversify food help repair the cell and boost the immune system to fight against diseases” she added.
She said many Liberians do not like to eat different kinds of food and are just used to the eating of rice which she described as not good for their health.
The Health Ministry Director of Nutrition said there is a need for more awareness on the importance of Liberians eating diversify food.
Dr. Davies noted that the Health Ministry is carrying on an awareness at health facilities on the importance of eating diversify food, especially pregnant women visiting health centers.
The nutritionist disclosed that besides breast milk given to babies by mothers, they are encouraged to start giving their babies complementary food when the child reaches six months.
“Rice dust, benne seeds, plantain dust, bonnie dust, and peanut butter are good for the child”, Dr. Davis asserted.
She encouraged Liberians and foreign residents to eat nutritional food and should also change their perception when it comes to the consumption of food, especially nutritional food.
Dr. Davis was speaking in an exclusive interview with the WASH R&E Media Network-Liberia, as part of efforts to promote Nutrition by the Liberia WASH Consortium in partnership with WaterAid Liberia and the government of Liberia through the Health Ministry.

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