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District 10 Petitions Master Junior Russian

The president of the Liberia Taekwondo Federation (LTF) Master Junior Pewee Russian was over the weekend petitioned by some residents to contest for a seat in the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.
Russian, if qualified, will be contesting against Yekeh Kolubah in District 10, Montserrado County
Presenting the petition to Russian, on behalf of the district residents Marcus C. T. Marshall highlighted his many contributions to the security, educational, health care and sports developments to residents of the district.
Marshall emphasized that taking into consideration the history of the district, contributions, advocacies and the national engagements, a decision with the consents of focus persons within the 33 communities, they believe that Russian is best suited for the district seat.
“Master Junior Russian is a private person, and quiet giver yet philanthropist whose gestures have not been unnoticed, within and across our district, just to mention few, so today, as exemplified by this huge turn out and convergence of the residents of District 10, specifically with their consents and in one voice, officially petition you to contest for the Representative seat of District 10, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia come October 2023,” Marshall presented Master Russian.
Responding to residents of District 10 petition, Master Russian first paid tribute to residents of the district including members of the Christian, Muslim and Kpelleh Communities, the Bassa Association of Peace Island, the Women of Vision Peace Island, Zone Three of District 10 Movie Union and the disadvantaged youths of District 10 and the Community of disabled.
Master Junior Russian said, “I stand here today to answer to the call of my people, but before I do that, please let me share with you some of my stories as a boy growing up with my late mother in District 10. I have a less fortunate background and my mother was called Ma Femah I say to you today, no matter how bad people treat you, know that God is with you and that I Master Junior Russian, on this day do hereby with sincerity and God’s blessing I accept your petition to contest as your next representative of District 10 and I pledge to work in the best interest of the loving people of District 10.”
He voiced that nobody told his mother that he was going to be Liberia’s best, Africa best and world best in the field of Taekwondo and that he may be the next representative of District 10 but because he knew that growing up as a child without both parents was a bitter pill to swallow especially where he was looking around for food and place to sleep, every day but he considered such condition as a test and he went through it with success at the end.
Master Russian explained that he grew up in a system where good people were not appreciated but only bad people were celebrated and that most of the children in the district also growing up in survival mood and because they were in survival mood; their only focus was in getting through the day with a piece of bread just as he grew up at the time and called on Christians and Muslims in the district not to allow few wicked people to continue to make them think that we are children of a lesser God, a how that can be.
“Remember that if someone like me can get so blessed and famous by God, trust me he can do it for you and I am telling you this because I want you to know the man you want to support or follow, everything that happened to me in this life was good, so please don’t feel sorry for me; I truly appreciate everything that I went through and what people did to me, it gets me where I am today,” Russian stated.
He called on them as parents of the district to do everything they can to protect the future of their children because it is not good for them as parents to sit back and see their children being destroyed by wicked people and assured people of the district that he will help to bring their children back home from the streets and from the ghettos help to better prepare them for the future.

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