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Dillon To Champaign Against Senators Re-election

Ten months to the conduct of the Legislative and Presidential Elections, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, has vowed to vigorously campaign against the reelection of most of his colleagues in the pending elections when he appeared on the Ok Morning Rush yesterday.

Senator Dillon said, “I will never sleep as a Senator who will not be seeking for reelection, rather, I will be actively be canvassing all cross the country.”

“I am not contesting but I will be like someone who will be on the ballot because I will be visible all over the places,” Dillon said.

 Adding,” I will never be a sleeping Senator; instead, I will be flying from county to county in some areas. I will appear electronically to promulgate the good news of the kind of senators that Liberia wants,”

According to Dillon, he avoided naming the bad apples when he visited electorate districts telling the people a kind of persons that are needed to cultivate the kind of developments that Liberia needs.

He also lamented that he will deliberately not call a senator of any district by name and that means that Senator Dillon should be replaced.

Dillon further explained that his decision is not personal but rather, driven by his passion to help Liberia to recruit the kind of senators that would have the spine to checkmate the Executive Branch of Government.

At the time, Montserrado county senator Abraham Darius Dillon raised the bar to closely follow Western Cluster mining company for the transportation of iron ore as a means of pushing public safety.

The senator says, he is going to ensure that trucks from the company’s operational centers carrying iron ore do not pass through the commercial city of Duala and other populated communities to get to export points across the country.

According to Dillon, it is hazardous to pass in the residential areas of citizens with mineral such as iron ore most especially in places that are mostly populated with huge commercial activities on a daily basis.

In an exclusive radio interview yesterday in Monrovia, Dillon maintained that if the company wants to go through fruitful operation and commit to social corporate and commercial responsibilities it should be concerned about rehabilitating the train track for easy transportation.

“I am going to stand against Western Cluster passing through Duala with trucking of Iron Ore because it poses serious health hazard to the lives of people around those areas,” Dillon intimated.

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