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Diaspora Liberian Urges Citizens

By Bill W. Cooper
A Liberian in the diaspora, Doris Kaifa, is calling on Liberians to promote the spirit of unity in fulfillment of God’s word for the forward match and development of Liberia.
“I am a daughter of this great country and it baffles me to see our people being divided and this runs contrary to the principle of this nation. This is the time for all Liberians, irrespective of our religious or political affiliation to unite, be hopeful and hold on to God for the sake of Liberia,” she stressed.
Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview over the weekend, Ms. Kaifa who is also the founder of a charity organization dubbed ‘Celebrate Life Yuan Mission’ stressed that Liberia is blessed with a series of natural resources and in order for Liberians to benefit from said inheritance, it will require the collective effort of both the Liberian government and its people.
“The Bible teaches that Christ is the head of the church. He is kind, compassionate, patient, forgiving, and humble. So, we as children of God and Disciples of Christ, have been commanded to love one another and Liberia/Liberians is of no exception,” she emphasized.
According to her, during her time in Liberia where she worked for both electronic and print entities, she knew and understood the difficulties faced during the 14-year of civil unrest, something she attributed to serious division among Liberians as a results of dissatisfaction and greed among other things.
She added, “Prior to my going to the US, and before the 1990-last war, I have memories of Liberians and Liberia, and of course, due to the too many circumstances, I, like other Liberians today, was not able to continue my education and by the help of God and others, I had to relocate to the US where I was able to acquire my Master Degree in Social Work.”
“Today other countries are making progress and fast-developing because of the unity and togetherness that is now existing among their citizens. I, too believe that Liberia can even be far better and greater than other countries if only we decide to unite and love one another,” Ms. Kaifa asserted.
Commenting on her organization, she further stated that the Celebrate Life Yuan Mission is a non-profit Christian based organization which serves at-risk populations with the desire and goal of bringing the community together through the sharing of love of Christ with no judgment and social status; the elevation of people to thrive as well as bringing smiles and laughter to all among others.
She alluded, “Our mission is to also bring individuals together to celebrate life’s events within an atmosphere of unconditional love and faith as Christ has commanded, and we treat every individual with mutual respect.”
Ms. Kaifa then appreciated the Good Samaritan Ministry, the Lions Club, the organization board members and her entire families and relatives for the continuous support and commitment in making sure that humanity is served and taken care of.

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