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Diamond Mining Company Pleads for Exploration Rights …As Huge Botanical discovered In Liberia

The CE0 of the Youssef Diamond Mining Company (YDMC), Geologist Roger Youssef
Says evidence from their data shows that Liberia may someday have the largest kimberlitic field in the world.
Youssef, a Liberian geologist who is said to be holding consultations with authorities of Liberia’s Mines and Energy Ministry for potential exploration of diamonds from the Alpha Camp in Western Liberia disclosed that there is a large kimberlitic dike deposits in the northwestern part of the country.
The YDMC boss expressed that Liberia may just make use of the opportunity of huge revenue generation amid the struggling economy noting that Liberia’s kimberlitic dike deposits were found by Dr. Stephen Haggerty, a renowned geologist
In a presentation on Tuesday May 18, 2021 at a local Resort in Paynesville, Dr. Haggerty who is the Chief geologist detailed the significant data and findings of the botanical discovery, new kimberlitic (pandamus candelabrum) in Liberia.
In his presentation, Dr. Haggerty indicated that YDMC has done a great deed of works in producing date with respect to the sector since his arrival in 1977 in Liberia and Liberia must take advantage of the discovery and grant rights to YDMC to do that which will greatly benefit the people of Liberia.
YDMC’s Chief Executive Officer Youssef wants Liberians enlighten about the enormous potential of diamonds in the Country, adding YDMC is on the front of supporting, and funding the fundamental achievement of the discovery in Liberia.
With the economic hardship that Liberia is going through, any discovery of this magnitude that we have and we are successful in setting up a mine, attracts enormous amount of revenue that Liberians can achieve and make huge difference he added.
According to Youssef, this is something he is proud of as a Liberian, that he could demarcate the Alph Camp for exploration, producing and achieving the scientific data adding, “We want to let Liberians know that if we decide not to go forward with this, some entity may just take over this area, probably a Gola Park, the worth of this Country may just be buried.”
He wants the country look at the potential benefits of an exploration as compared to having the area as a park based on the YMDC discovery stating that one kimberlitic worth billions of dollars, and if given the right, Liberia can march the world and be amongst the rank as a diamond producing nation.

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