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‘Democratic Governance Creates Stability’ …Chief Justice Opens 4th Nat’l Judicial Confab

By Grace Q. Bryant

The Chief Justice, Francis Korkpor, says there is a need to have an unassailable tract of the rule of law for the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens and foreign nationals within the borders.
Chief Justice Francis Korkpor addressing the official opening of the 4th National Judicial Conference in Monrovia said, the rule of law is the cornerstone of democracy which is strongly interlinked to development.
“These are consensus that democratic governance is established through competitive, free and fair elections and creates a stable environment in which businesses can thrive and the economy can flourish,” Chief Justice Korkpor reminded.
He added that the core of the rule of law principal is that all persons and authorities within the state, whether public or private should be bound by and entitled to the benefit of the laws duly administered in courts of competent jurisdiction whose independence is not subject to any power or influence.
He said it has been more than eleven years since the Judiciary had this National Conference, stating that the revised rules of the Supreme Court of Liberia provides that the court shall hold a national conference at least once a year but due to constraints, this has not been possible for a long time until now.
Chief Justice Korkpor said, “As I have said before, law is much more dynamic and progressive than other fields of study. Locally and internationally, new laws are constantly being promulgated, while existing laws are repealed or amended to suit the time, conditions and the needs of the people.”
He continued, “This means that we who are in the field of law must keep pace with the changes and developments, therefore we must meet from time to time to discuss trending issues in law and the administration of justice and harmonize views for the good of the public.”
The weeklong Judicial Conference being held under the theme: ‘The Law, Public Policy and the Economy,’ brings together justices, judges, magistrates, lawyers, financial experts and other relevant stakeholders to discuss burning issues affecting law , Public Policy and the Liberian economy.
In her remarks, the Ambassador of Sweden, Ingrid Wetterqvist, expressed concerns about the establishment of the War and Economic Crime in Liberia and disclosed that if the Liberians are interested in its establishment, her government will support the process.
“But if you do not want such court, the Swedish government will equally support your quest,” Amb. Wetterqvist informed the conference of lawyers and legal stakeholders.
Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of the Sierra Leone also explained that Liberia as a sister country shares the same idea as the Supreme Court being the final arbiter in the Land while Liberia’s Chief Prosecutor, Musa Dean, urged the Judiciary to dispense justice without fear.

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