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DEEP Launches Free Teacher Training In Rivercess County

The Diversified Educators Empowerment Project (DEEP) on Saturday, February 18, 2023, launched the 2nd cycle of its Free and Subsidized C-Certificate training for Rivercess teachers. The goal was to train and certify teachers who are teaching but do not possess the minimum of a C-Certificate as prescribed by the 2011 Education Act.

A formal launching program attended by 90% of the Rivercess Legislative Caucus and WAEC Chief Executive HNO Dale Gbotoe, followed a parade through the principal streets of Cestos City.
The Guest Speaker, Rivercess District 1 Representative Rosana Schaak applauded the initiative of
DEEP’s Executive M. Blonkanjay Jackson.

She encouraged the citizens to receive the program as a major development and vowed to support the initiative to a logical conclusion. Serving as Chief Launcher, Rivercess County District 2 Representative Byron Zahnwhea appealed to the citizenry of Rivercess to develop a sense of ownership of the program.

He noted, “This program is a significant support to the development of Rivercess because our children cannot learn if our teachers do not teach well” Senator Wellington Geevon-Smith who also served as motivational speaker and Co-Launcher cautioned that if program is not fully supported, it would injustice to the country.

In his motivational speech, WAEC Executive Gbotoe challenged all Rivercess residents in Liberia and the diasporas irrespective of status to make minimum contributions to the training of Rivercess teachers.
Based on the massive support, the Rivercess legislative caucus prevailed upon DEEP to increase its initial
target of 100 trainees to 300 with a promise to provide the needed supports. The training is scheduled to
commence by March 5, 2023.

The Diversified Educators Empowerment Project (DEEP) is a local non-governmental organization founded in 2016 to focus on education management, teacher training and community engagement.
The Frees and Subsidized teacher training intervention is in support of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) bid to improve the teaching force of Liberia.

The proposed outcome is to train and certify 15,000 teachers by 2024. Support is solicitated by engaging legislative caucuses, and prominent citizens to make minimum contributions in support of their county teachers.

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