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Cummings Wife Speaks To Motorcyclists

Mrs. Teresa Cummings has applauded Motorcyclists for their crucial role in the country’s transport sector, but cautioned them on the imperative need to observe basic traffic regulations aimed at protecting life and property.

Motorcycle and Keh-kehs (tricycles) have become the major means of road transport for most of Liberia’s estimated five million population and seemingly, the only attractive fallback economic alternative for thousands of unemployed youths nationwide.

Mrs. Cummings, wife of Mr. Alexander Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), made delivered the message when she proxied for her husband at the installation program of officers of the 20th Street, Sinkor Motorccyclist Parking Lot association on Sunday, January 22, 2023.

She spoke of the risk associated with commercial motorcycle driving especially at night, the unity of Motorcyclists, and their resiliency to survive the prevailing harsh economic conditions.

“Many of you do not want to ride motorcycles for the rest of your lives. Some of you may want to continue in transportation by owning more motorcycles. Some of you may move up to driving taxis and buses. Some others may want to do different things. That’s why vocational and technical education, creating jobs, and assisting you to be successful in business are integral parts of the CPP platform for young people,” Mrs. Cummings said.

She said while the CPP, is concerned about commercial Motorcyclists’ safety and welfare, it’s also concerned about their individual economic development, in terms of improved income, need for reliable insurance policy, which will be serious issues for engagement and discussions with the national leadership of the Liberia Motorcycle Union.
Mrs. Cummings said considering the huge increase in the number of Motorcyclists, she said, they have great responsibility to ensure peace and and stability, by being law abiding and respecting safety regulations.

Mrs. Cummings later committed the Cummings Foundation to ensuring the provision of clean drinking water through the rehabilitation of all hand pumps in the 24 Street Sinkor area. She also made a cash donation to the Motorcyclist group on 20th Street Sinkor.

Following the program, the CPP First Lady toured the 24th Street Sinkor area upon request of the group to acquaint her with the detestable conditions of the community’s school, clinic and prevailing situations.

Earlier, the Chairman of the 20th Street Motorcyclist Parking Lot, Eric Kehn, commended Mrs. Cummings for honoring the group’s invitation and provided brief background for the formation of the group which aimed at installing discipline and promoting the welfare of Motorcyclists.

Officers of the 20th Street Motorcyclist Parking Lot installed included Mr. Eric Kehn, Chairman; Thomas Tumbey, Secretary; and Eric Woart, Treasurer among others.

The program was attended by over six representative groups of Motorcyclists in the Monrovia area.

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