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Cummings Gives
Bassa Choristers Hope

The Alternative National Congress (ANC), political leader, Alexander Cummings has met with an eleven-member delegation representing four Christian Organizations based in Grand Bassa County.
The meeting held Thursday, April 21, based on a courtesy call on the political leader was preceded by questions and answers about his political agenda for change, the restoration of law and order with specific reference to the rising crime rates, combating corruption, a revival of the ailing economy, and the need for a government of national unity that will reflect a geographical balance of Liberia’s 16 tribes.
Welcoming the delegation, Mr. Cummings spoke of the need for real change in Liberia that will involve all Liberians in dealing with the many challenges and negative vices that have retarded progress and subjected the vast majority to abject poverty.
He assured that an ANC leadership would be strictly committed to upholding the rule of law, combating corruption irrespective of status or creed, and the rejuvenation of the economy aimed at creating job opportunities and ensuring a well-paid civil servant.
The ANC political leader spoke of the need to halt the alarming flow of illicit drugs into Liberia, erection of rehabilitation centers to treat drugs abusers, provide them with training and skills as well as create job opportunities for youths as part of efforts to deal with the menace.
Mr. Cummings stressed the need for upward improvement in the salaries of police, nurses, teachers, and other civil servants, as part of the fight against corruption, while at the same applying the full force of the law including the seizure of assets of public officials adjudged guilty of corruption.
Mr. Cummings expressed thanks and appreciation to the group for the visit and the statement of support and willingness to work with the Alternative National Congress in its quest for state power.
The group under the umbrella organization of the Bassa Mass Choir, comprised of executive officials of the Zion Union Choir, the Joint Christian Choir, the Bassa Union Translation Choir, and the Redeem United Choir, thanked Mr. Cummings for the warm reception and the opportunity to meet them.
The National president and spokesperson, Matthew G. Doe said the meeting was an opportunity to meet, interact, and solicit Mr. Cummings views on these major issues of national concerns and how an ANC leadership would tackle them and bring about relief for the suffering masses in Liberia.
Mr. Doe said the Bassa Union Choir, comprising the four organizations, has a membership of over 50,000 in 10 of the 15 Counties in Liberia. The delegation expressed their willingness to work with the ANC and extended Mr. Cummings an invitation to visit with them in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to further interact and as well strength the bond of friendship and cooperation.

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