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Cummings, Boakai In Heated Political Campaign To Head CPP

By Alex Yomah
Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader, Alexander Cummings, has disagreed with former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s comment in which he indicated that Liberians do not need any stranger to lead Liberia.
Recently appearing on 50-50 talked show T-Max quoted the former Vice President on OK FM yesterday saying, “Liberians are not prepared to give this country to total stranger or Liberia is not prepared to give this country to a surprise package who does not know the people but instead old wine gets better by the age.”
In response, Cummings said he does not believe that Boakai was actually referring to him as total stranger. Dismissing the comment, the ANC political leader said while it is wrong for someone to refer to him as stranger, staying long in government does not means one knows all the solution to Liberia’s problems.
“Somebody has continuously been in government does not mean that, that person has the answer for the problems; it does not mean also that person knows the country more than others,” Cummings said.
According to Cummings, all those who are competing for the presidency including President Weah should look at their accomplishments record; their individual travels and achievements and what they have done for Liberia particularly.
“First of all, I am not a stranger in our country. I was born in this country, grew up here. I went to elementary and university and worked in Liberia before working internationally.
“ Joe knows that I used to come home all of the time and visited him at his home, at his office at the Capitol, and besides that, I traveled the length and berth of this country since the end of the 2017 elections. Before the elections, yes we all traveled and campaigned around here, but since the election, I have traveled to all of the counties with the exception of Rivercess County which I just passed through,” Cummings narrated.
The ANC political leader boasted that he understands the challenges faced by the people of Liberia and the he is the best suited person that can resuscitate the messy economy.
“I know the solution for the challenges- I believe that we can and must change our country- and if we need to change the country we to do new thing because can’t be doing the same thing and expect different result,” he said.
Meanwhile, Cumming said his attention has been drawn to attacks against other leaders of the CPP and wishes to reiterate that neither its political leader nor the National Executive Committee condones these acts.
The ANC leader warned that as a responsible party, partisans should refrain from attacking other opposition leaders, even in the face of similar attacks or vitriol against the political leader.
“We are committed to responsible leadership and must maintain same at all times. Attack against me or any leader of the CPP, no matter which constituent party of the CPP it comes from, only benefits Weah and his corrupt regime,” the political leader stated.
Cummings said anyone who believes and supports him should not attack and insult anyone advising, “That’s not who I am and that’s not how I want to be known and defined as. Enough is enough.”

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