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CSO Council Boss Attend Int’l Visitor Leadership Program

The Chairperson of the National Civil Society Council of Liberia (NCSCL), Loretta Pope Kai, has departed Liberia to participate in the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program Project by the U.S. State Department.
The project, titled “Multi Regional Project, NGO Management 1,” is scheduled to take place from Saturday, March 2-23, 2024 in the United States.
During this program, emphasis will be placed on showcasing the vital role of the non-profit sector in American society and how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) contribute to fostering an educated and engaged civil society as the foundation of democracy.
This initiative aligns with the U.S. Department’s strategic objective of fortifying democratic institutions.
Participants, including Loretta, will engage in meetings with representatives from nonprofit organizations, professional associations, federal agencies, foundations, and public service entities.
Together, they will explore the significance of NGO management across various sectors such as health, education, human rights, the environment, youth development, and the arts in the United States.
Moreover, the program will delve into innovative strategies for nonprofit management, encompassing areas such as strategic planning, leveraging social media and new technologies, effective fundraising techniques, board development, and maximizing volunteer contributions.
Among the topics for discussion are the prevalence of public-private partnerships, cutting-edge NGO management approaches, the diverse landscape of the nonprofit sector in the U.S., and the intricate interplay between businesses, government entities, and non-governmental organizations.
Participants are encouraged to examine strategies for enhancing leadership, fostering volunteer engagement, utilizing technology and social media for fundraising, and advancing the organization’s core mission.
The program aims to equip attendees with valuable insights into nonprofit management best practices, while fostering global connections and knowledge exchange in the realm of civil society empowerment.
Madam Pope Kai has been proactive in executing her duties at the level of the Council and speaking on critical national issues, with crucial recommendations.
Her mandate was overwhelmingly renewed in December of 2022 on a white ballot in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, in the Council’s 2022 General Assembly held from December 14-17.
During her first administration, Madam Pope-Kai registered the CSO Council, giving it a legal standing, developed many institutional policies, and began the process of decentralizing the CSO Council across the country.
She also ensured that the Council elected all fifteen county coordinators and regional coordinators, as a way of completing the leadership and maintaining elaborate presence of the Council across all counties and regions of the country.
She maintained that completing her mandate and leaving an enviable legacy for her successors is her key focus going forward. “I am deeply focused on completing my mandate, leaving an unmatched legacy, and transitioning to something else. I therefore will give attention to no distractions coming from anywhere, whatsoever!” she concluded.
The NCSCL is the apex body and the umbrella institution for all civil society organizations in Liberia that are legally registered and recognized by the government of Liberia.
The institution was established on May 18, 2012, and its overarching goal is to harness the potential of civil society organizations for self-regulation, coordination, capacity building, and policy advocacy, as well as to foster strategic partnerships amongst civil society actors, donor organizations, and local and international partners.

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