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CSO Admonishes NEC About Timeliness In Providing Updates

 Liberia Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE) emphasizes the importance of providing regular and timely updates on the electoral process, including the investigation and resolution of reported irregularities and adjudication of electoral complaints.

LIFE, a dedicated civil society organization committed to promoting transparency, accountable governance issues this comprehensive statement regarding the ongoing 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections in Liberia such act will encourage transparency and clear communication from the electoral commission which is an essential tool to maintaining public confidence and upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

LIFE is also deeply troubled by recent media reports indicating the arrests of NEC workers for alleged vote manipulation and their subsequent forwarding to court for prosecution.

The group termed the alleged involvement of election workers in tampering with votes as an affront to democracy and poses a grave danger to the democratic process emphasizing that such actions undermine the will of the people, erode public trust, and compromise the foundation of a democratic society.

“In light of these distressing reports, we urgently call upon the NEC to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into these allegations and take appropriate actions in accordance with the law. Safeguarding the electoral process is paramount, and any proven misconduct must be met with swift and just consequences to restore faith in the democratic system,” LIFE recommended.

The group therefore called upon all citizens, political actors, and stakeholders to remain patient and peaceful as the National Elections Commission (NEC) makes the final official announcement of results.

Meanwhile, LIFE commended the and political actors for the mostly peaceful conduct of the 2023 Presidential and General Elections across Liberia stating that the current electoral process holds immense significance for Liberia’s peace, democracy, and prosperity.

According to LIFE, free, fair, and credible elections are the foundation of a democratic society and can play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s trajectory.

“It is imperative that the election is conducted transparently and efficiently to safeguard the integrity of Liberia’s democratic process.” The group stated.

The group extends appreciation to the local and international election observers who diligently monitored the electoral proceedings adding that their efforts and commitment to ensuring a transparent and accountable electoral process are commendable.

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