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Crowe Liberia Fetes Orphans, Old Folks

By Bill W. Cooper
Crowe Liberia, LLC brought joy and happiness to orphans and elderly in care homes, in commemoration of the festive season.
With an unwavering commitment to its corporate social responsibility, Crowe Liberia, LLC donated assorted food and non-food items to two separate institutions, ensuring that nobody felt left out during this special time of the year.
In recognition of the significance of Christmas, Crowe Liberia designated a considerable budget towards its charitable endeavors as part of their ongoing efforts to give back to society.
The beneficiaries were the Amazing Grace Orphanage and Charles Edward Britts Old Folks Home, with the donations aimed towards positively impacting the lives of orphaned children and elderly individuals who often find themselves marginalized.
Items donated to the two institutions over the weekend, by Crowe Liberia, LLC’s Managing Partner/CEO included detergents, 25kg bags of rice, oil, clothes, and tissue, among others.
Crowe Liberia, LLC, formerly T.D. Joseph & Associates, was founded in January 2017 by one of Liberia’s finest accountants and tax practitioners, Theo Dokonty Joseph, collectively and individually the top staff of his accounting firm, possessing over 25 years of public accounting experience in Liberia, America, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.
Crowe Liberia, LLC offers a broad selection of financial services for businesses and individuals, and offers more than just traditional accounting and auditing services, coupled with providing ideal solutions that enable businesses and individuals to become profitable.
Crowe Liberia, LLC’s objective is providing excellent quality services in meeting and exceeding its clients’ expectations every time, and to ensure that they possess highly capable people, comprehensive financial services, and the ability and willingness to grow and change to meet world-class standards and its clients’ evolving needs.
Presenting the items to the two institutions at separate dates, Crowe Liberia, LLC’s Managing Partner/CEO, Orlandor Boyce, said, through extensive research, his staff carefully selected the Amazing Grace Orphanage and Charles Edward Britts Old Folks Home, which he said were most in need of support.
He said, by reaching out to these disadvantaged children and elderly folks, Crowe Liberia sought to not only bring them momentary happiness but also create lasting memories that would stay with them for years to come.
According to him, as part of his institution’s corporate social responsibility, which is being done every year, the generous donations of essential supplies of clothing, food, and other essential materials, will enhance the quality of life for these deserving Liberians.
Boyce further narrated that understanding the challenges faced by elderly individuals, particularly during the holiday season, his company saw the need to counter isolation and bring comfort to those who often feel forgotten in the society.
He then urged the both institutions’ authorities to ensure that the items donated be used for its purpose intended for, assuring of Crowe Liberia, LLC’s continuous efforts to ensure that these institutions feel part of society by whatsoever means.
Receiving the items on behalf of their respective institutions, Amazing Grace Orphanage’s Proprietor, Rev. Edward Diggs, and the Charles Edward Britts Old Folks Home’s Administrative Assistant, Kemah Suah, thanked the Crowe Liberia, LLC family for the gestures.
Diggs and Suah emphasized that Crowe Liberia’s benevolent efforts towards their institutions this festive season will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the lives of countless orphans and elderly individuals.
According to them, Crowe Liberia has not only made a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable members of society, but has also inspired a renewed sense of hope and unity within their respective communities.
They added, “Their commitment to corporate social responsibility reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas – a time for giving, kindness, and selflessness. So, as we reflect this gift, it serves as a powerful reminder that, amidst the frenzy of our own celebrations, we must strive to include and uplift those who may otherwise be forgotten.”

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