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CPP’s Rally US$70K In Limbo …As Martin’s Driver Registers Innocence

By Bill W. Cooper

The driver of the Liberty Party’s Secretary General, Martin Kollah has finally broken silence since he was accused of making away with US$70,000 intended to fund the CPP December 17 ‘We are Tired Suffering’ Rally.

Simon Davies who has been in the news for months denied the allegation against him and also accused his boss, Kollah and the Team Cummings headed by Lewis Brown of being the one that knows the actual story about the missing money.

“I never stole any US$70,000 neither did I run away as being said by my boss and others from the CPP. Martin and Brown know about US$70k; so they should tell the Liberian people and Mr. Cummings the truth about his money,” he explained.

Recently, the CPP announced that its secretary general, Martin Kollah’s driver known as Simon Davies absconded with some funds in the tune of US$70,000 intended to fund the Dec. 17 ‘We’re Tired Suffering’ Rally.

Mr. Kollah, making the disclosure about the missing money said, “We had just started paying people and because of the huge crowd, I left my driver in the office and tried to divert the crowd downstairs so that I could have space to pay people who were hired to render services.”

“It took me less than five minutes to get back, only to see the guy, my driver missing and he left the keys in the car with the doors opened and that money was intended for the purchasing of water, printing of additional T-shirts and paying the transportation of people to the SKD Sports Stadium where the rally was being held,” he added.

Reacting to the allegation when he appeared on Monday, January 9, 2023 on the Spoon Talk, Davies who maintained his innocence clarified that he never left the CPP compound surreptitiously or made away with any money as was alleged by his boss, Kollah.

“I never ran away because I stole money. That information is false and misleading. The truth here is that I have been sick suffering from some spiritual problems of which Mr. Kollah is aware and because my condition was worsening, I then decided to seek some traditional treatment,” he explained.

“My presence here was also sponsored by Mr. Kollah who gave me US$100 to add on my transportations. I told him the day I was leaving the compound and several people that were in the yard that very day also saw me leaving without any bag or money,” he expressed.

 According to him, since his stay with Mr. Kollah as a driver, the only money he has kept for his boss was US$15,000 which he said was given him by the CPP Secretary General for the rally, and that said money was later turned over to Kollah as instructed.

He added, “So, I know nothing about any US$70,000 or missing money from the CPP. Even when I got the news, I tried calling Martin but he never answered the phone and I also called Mr. Bility’s phone but his driver who answered the phone told me that he had travelled and my decision was just for me to get clarity and clear my name.”

“I have been with Martin for so long and without even taking pay but yet I was there. Martin knows me very well and I have no track record of stealing and he, Martin, had entrusted me on several occasions and not a dime had been missing even with other prominent citizens in the country that I have worked for.

“So, Martin and the Co-chair for the rally, Lewis Brown should bring back the CPP money and tell the Liberian people where they put the people’s money or the story behind the missing of the money because I know nothing about it,” he angrily said.

Meanwhile, Davies has vowed to turn himself over to the Liberia National Police (LNP) upon his return into the country as means of clearing his name and ensured that the truth behind the missing money will be established.

He also called on the LNP to ensure the safety of his family on grounds that he has been receiving information that some unknown men being hired by Martin are after his family’s lives.

“I am willing to clear my name once I come back from the sick bush; I will turn myself in to the police because I am innocent and know nothing about any money. And when I am coming it will not be in hiding and everybody will be aware because my life is under threat,” Davies added.

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