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“Covid Fight Needs Honest Leadership” -Proposed Party Leader Tells Gov’t

The political leader of the proposed All Liberians Destiny Party (ALDP), Jacob Seyon Kwateh, is urging the government to earnestly protect the citizens because no one deserves to die when there are possibilities to save lives.
“It also depends largely on leadership. This is the time when people turn to their leaders for direction. This is no time for politics but honest leadership to rally the country in the fight, awareness and subsequent defeat of the covid,” the ALDP leader stated.
He is therefore encouraging Liberians to take the covid-19 surge seriously by following all health instruction coming from the government to keep save because every Liberian live matters.
The ALDP leader made the statement from the United States of America in a Messenger interview with this paper concerning the resurgence of the new covid-19 variant that has already reached seven counties with over 3,000 confirmed cases and 95 deaths.
“These are scary and serious times. I implore our people to take covid very seriously,” Kwateh said, thereby encouraging citizens to put their political differences aside and work together as a united country to fight and defeat the virus
Seeing first-hand how the virus waged havoc on the US, killing hundreds of thousands of people with all of the medical advancement and best medical practices, the ALDP leader is appealing to Liberians to stop politicizing or doubting but rather start protecting their families and the country at large.

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