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Court Summons Travel Agency Authorized Officer

By Grace Q. Bryant
The CEO and Authorized Officer of the Frankie’s Travel Agency, Maima D. Robinson was summoned by the Monrovia City Court Magistrate, Ben Barco for allegedly stealing US$3,480 from Khalifas Losone in Montserrado County.
The court’s decision was based on the complaint filed by plaintiff Losone that defendant Robinson between the periods October to November, 2021 with criminal intent received the amount of US$3,480 for ticket and visa support to travel to Barbados, the Caribbean.
According to the plaintiff Losone, the defendant received the said amount but refused and neglected to provide the said ticket neither did she refund his money; thus exercising unauthorized control over his money.
“You are hereby commanded to summon the living body of Frankie’s Travel Agency thru its CEO and Authorized Officer Maima D. Robison deputy defendant and cause her to appear before the Stipendiary Magistrate or any other Magistrate of the Monrovia City Court,” the court ordered.
Based on the complaint filed, the defendant Robinson was charged with the crime; Theft of Property and ordered to appear in court on July 5, to answer and show reasons if any, why she cannot be held in contempt.
“Wherefore, the defendant is ordered arrested and be forthwith brought before this court,” the court commanded.

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