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Court Sends Gonquoi, Others To Jail

By Grace Q. Bryant
The Monrovia City Court Judge, Jomah Jallah, has sent the Commander of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Emmanuel Gonquoi and two others to the Monrovia Central Poison for allegedly barricading the gates of the Capitol Building and causing serious injuries on the assigned security guards.
The defendant and others were charged with the Crime of Terroristic Threats, Simple Assault, Felonious Restraint and Disorderly Conduct.
According to the Lawyer representing the EFF commander, Cllr. Findley Karngar said his clients were jailed without the opportunity to answer to said crimes, adding that the court did not acquit them with their constitutional right to be heard or have the opportunity to be bailed on bond.
“We did have the opportunity to provide accurate representation because our clients were not served according to the constitution and we are doing everything possible to ensure a bond, cash or insurance bond,” he added.
He further explained that his client is a very popular man who is the CIC commander of the Economic Freedom Fighters, so the charge against him is not somebody to flee the country.
It can be recalled that over the weekend, the Monrovia City Court issued a Writ of Arrest for the Commander, Gonquoi and others on allegations of unlawful, wicked illegal, violent and intentional actions which is in violation of Sections 11.16 of the Amended Act, Section 14.21 and 17.3 of the new Penal Law of Liberia.
The Writ of Arrest filed by the Ministry of Justice stated, “You are hereby commanded to arrest the living body of Gonquoi and others to be identified; bring them before the Monrovia City Court to answer to the charge of Terroristic Threat, Simple Assault, Felonious Restraint and Disorderly Conduct based upon the oath.”
According to the Writ of Arrest, the EFFL Commander publicly insulted and intentionally broke the locks before installing their own chains with locks and the intent to terrorize the public, staff/employees with threats.
Meanwhile, on July 21, the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia locked the two entrances to the Capitol Building, as a result of the reported failure of legislators to act on the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court.

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