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Court Demands ‘Gracious Ride’ Management Legal Capacity To Sue

By Precious D. Freeman
The Justice in Chamber, Yussif Kaba, has given the Management of Gracious Ride a five-day ultimatum to show their legal capacity to file a case against the Asset Recovery Team.
The Justice on Thursday, March 28, placed a stay order on the Asset Recovery Team’s seizure of vehicles, and further ordered them to release all vehicles that were seized.
The management of Gracious Ride Transport, on Thursday, filed a writ of prohibition against the Asset Recovery Team, preventing them from seizing its vehicles offering transport service in the country.
The Gracious Ride Incorporated, comprising of a fleet of transport vehicles, is believed to be owned by former Executive Mansion Chief of Protocol, Finda Bundoo.
Following the writ of prohibition filed by the legal team of the Gracious Ride Management, an immediate conference was held on Monday, April 1, 2024, by Justice Kaba to probe into the matter.
The Head of the Asset Recovery Team, Cllr. Edwin Martin, spoke with scores of reporters on Monday at the grounds of the Temple of Justice, after the scheduled conference with Justice Kaba.
According to Cllr. Martin, their side of the argument during the conference was that the management of the Gracious Ride does not have the legal capacity to file a case against them, noting that they acted within the confines of the law.
He added that the capacity of the issue was challenged in the Supreme Court, and the Justice in Chambers gave them up to Friday to show their capacity, that includes the title document that is referred upon to file the petition.
“Well, we have up to Friday and the legal capacity has now shifted to them because you cannot come to the court, claim title, and you cannot exhibit the title. They have to exhibit the title, bases, and the legal ground to file,” he said.
He maintained that they did not seize anyone’s property, and that they just want to clarify that, adding that their position is that the management of Gracious Ride does not have the capacity to sue them.
Meanwhile, the management of Gracious Ride is expected to appear before the Chambers in Justice on Friday, April 5, 2024, with their title document.

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