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Conversationists Pledge To Protect Liberia’s Forest, World Wildlife -At World Wildlife, Pangolin Day

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) in concert with its many conservation partners have renewed commitment to remain engaged in protecting Liberia’s forest and wildlife at all times consistent with the law governing the forest sector and international protocol.
The renewal of their commitment was made at an elaborate occasion marking this year’s World Wildlife, World Pangolin Day held at the Jeremiah Karmo Conservation Hall at the Forestry Training Institute (FTI), Tubmanburg, Bomi County, on Friday, March 3, 2023.
Held under the theme; Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation, the speakers including representatives from these conservation partners, respectively underscored the need to remain collaboratively engaged with FDA in protecting the forest and wildlife.
The occasion was graced by USAID/Wabilead, UNDP, Humane Society International (HSI), Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF), Liberia Movie Union, The Nature Compact, PADVEV, Forestry Training Institute (FTI), among others.
In his keynote address Dr. Johnson J. Geply, CITES Scientific Authority & Research Assistant, Department of Forestry, University of Liberia, stressed the importance of cohesive partnership amongst the FDA and partners, that which will serve the intended purpose as far as the robust policing of the forest and wildlife is concerned.
He wants FDA to hugely take the lead in all conservation matters and called on partners to collaborate with the entity practically.
He also stressed the need for the activation of the reforestation and aforestion programs which he said are fundamentally important in any forestry program.
At the same time, the keynote speaker praised the conservation partners and FDA for the attention given the forest and wildlife and encouraged them to keep the torch burning in that direction.
He reemphasized the natural relevance of the forest as it relates to the survivability of humankind.
Earlier in his special statement, FDA Deputy Managing Director for Operations, Joseph J. Tally recounted the cordial relationship existing between FDA and its partners while renewing call for continued collaboration with the partners, especially at a time when the forest and wildlife were being threatened by poachers and other illegal activities.
Mr. Tally used the occasion to reiterate FDA’s position as it relates to practicalizing the 3cs equation including Commercial, Community and Conservation programs, which he said remain the core of FDA’s functions.
Meanwhile, the UN Secretary General says there’s need to work across Governments, Civil Society and the private sector to turn commitment into action, adding, “We need broader actions now to cut emissions, accelerate renewables and build climate resilience.”
He concluded, “Today and every day, let us all do our part to preserve natural habitats and build a thriving future for all living beings.”
February 18, 2023 of each year is observed as World Pangolin Day and the African Pangolin Working Group and many other pangolin advocates worldwide are not relenting in their concerted efforts to rescue these animals and safeguard their place in the ecosystem.
Pangolins are endangered animals and continue to suffer from illegal trade and exploitation.
According to recent report an estimated one million of these wonderful animals have been, and continue to be, harvested from the wild in African and Asian countries to meet the high demands for their scale, skin, blood, and even fetuses that are believed to have several different uses both in fashion, traditional medicine, and cooking.
Conservationists and animal lovers plan a global celebration of these precious scaly mammals.
March 3 of each year is internationally declared as World Wildlife Day and it’s a United Nations International day to celebrate all the world’s wild animals and plants and the contribution that they make to our lives and the health of the planet.
This date was chosen as it is the birthday of CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, signed in 1973.
This World Wildlife Day is also a celebration of CITES as it turns 50. In recognition of the work CITES does and the collaborative work for conservation that is going on globally.

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