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Col. Dehco Assumes Duty At RREA

A staunch ally of the Unity Party, Dehkontee Liles Wymon, has officially taken over as Deputy Executive Director for Finance and Administration at the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency.
Madam Wymon, who is a stalwart of the Liberty Party, which aligned with the UP of Joseph Boakai, was introduced at a general staff meeting presided over by RREA Executive Director, Samuel Nagbe, yesterday, May 20.
“I am a team player. I have over 20 years of experience working with so many nationals, including Americans and British. At the job site, we don’t care about titles. We care more about what you can do to make the job effective and efficient,” she started.
“So, you all can just call me Col. Dehco. I will meet heads of departments in the coming days in an effort to get to know everyone and what you do at RREA, as we strive to improve the energy sector,” Dehco told the welcoming staff.
Nagbe, who was also appointed by the board along with Dehco and Stephen V. Potter, Deputy Executive Director for Programs on May 9, in keeping with the July 2015 Act that created the RREA, was pleased to welcome his newest team player.
“I know Col. Dehco and trust that she will be a valuable asset here. With her expertise, she will be doing a lot of the runs and that is the kind of team player you want. Let me also use this time to congratulate Colonel Dehco for her preferment and let’s start the people’s business immediately,” he said.
“We can’t overemphasize the challenges facing the energy sector in Liberia. What we need to do is to create innovative ways in helping the President to address the energy sector. I know the government and its partners will support us in meeting our goals,” Nagbe said.
Colonel Dehco worked with Amlib United Minerals, which is now MMG Liberia, during the prospecting state of its operations as corporate social responsibility and human resource manager from 2006 to 2012.
She served as Country Manager for Liberia Club Foot Program under CURE International in 2013 and was Public Relations Officer for the defunct Liberia Action Party in Montserrado County from 2004 to 2005.
The RREA is an independent agency of government, which was established in January 2010 through Executive Order #23 by then President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, to facilitate and accelerate the economic transformation of rural Liberia by promoting the commercial development and supply of modern energy products and services to rural areas, through the private sector and community initiatives, with an emphasis, but not necessarily exclusive reliance, on locally available renewable resources.
The RREA will also manage a Rural Energy Fund (REFUND) that will facilitate and provide for the coordinated and sustainable financing of projects and programs for the delivery of modern energy services in Liberia’s interior.
The REFUND is the channel through which domestic and international financial resources intended for rural and renewable energy delivery in Liberia will be managed.
RREA’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the economic transformation of rural Liberia by promoting the commercial development and supply of modern energy services to rural areas, with emphasis on locally available renewable resources.
It has a vision to become the primary torch bearer for promoting renewable energy technologies and services in Liberia, with core values of quality, transparency, and integrity.
The RREA is governed by a nine-member board of directors, which is appointed by the President of Liberia, and is responsible to formulate policies and guidelines for its operations.

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