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Cocopa Workers Block Road In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.

“Police was informed this morning that Cocopa workers blocked the Saclepea highway in demands of salary, but we engage them peaceful and remove the road blocked,” Police Commander, Dixon Kemokai, has disclosed.

The Liberia National Police confirmed reports of the protest at the Cocopa Rubber Plantation in Gbannah Clan, Electoral District 8 in Nimba County.

According to LNP, the alleged delay by the management to pay the workers at the various camps or plantations has triggered the action to block the main government road and entrance leading to the plantation.

Cocopa Rubber plantation is a rubber producing company, operating a modern processing rubber factory, but has been rocked by huge salary arrears issues, coupled with other benefits problems for the workers.

This is the third protest in less than six months, bringing normal activities to a standstill at that site in Nimba County.

Speaking on the issue, the Police Commander Kemokai further stated that management promised the workers to pay them over the weekend of October 27, 2023, to lay the case to rest.

Cocopa Rubber Plantation is under legal obligation to pay 350 workers salary arrears and other benefits before the end of 2023.

When this paper contacted Cocopa HR, Gondah Nenwah, he confirmed the incident and added that case has been settled with the help of the Liberia National Police.

“The Police appealed to them and they removed the road block, as the management promised to pay everybody on Friday, October 27, 2023,” HR Gondah Nenwah disclosed.

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