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Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull Alerts Chief Justice

By Grace Q. Bryant
An Executive member of the Montserrado County Bar Association (MBA) Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull has cautioned the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia not to allow any branch of Government to interfere into the Judiciary Branch of Government.
According to Cllr. Bull, if the Supreme Court of Liberia wants to protect the image of the Judiciary, they should not allow any Branch of Government to interfere with the Judiciary if they so desire to restore the image of the Judiciary.
She furthered that the Supreme Court should not allow liaisons from the Executive or the Legislative Branch coming to the Judiciary to tell them what to do.
“I say to the Supreme Court; do not let anyone from the other branches of Government to interfere with the Judiciary if they want to restore the Judiciary’s image. They must not have their liaisons coming to tell them what to do,” she noted.
Cllr. Bull among other things noted that most of the Judges and Justices lose credibility and honor because of what they involve themselves into while serving as a judge or justice.
“You see; when some of these Judges and Justices leave, nobody neither pick them up nor lay them down because they have had no respect for their honors,” Cllr. Bull stated.
The senior counsel of the Supreme Court Bar maintained that if any branch of Government sends any liaisons to bribe Justices, they should issue a writ of contempt on them.
Cllr. Bull however, expressed serious frustration in the manner and form in which the first Judicial Circuit Court in Montserrado County has continued to ignore the Montserrado County Bar during the opening and closing of Courts.
According to her, Montserrado County is the county where the Declaration of Independence was signed; the first Constitution was written and the Supreme Court as such, should not be overlooked.
“As you may have observed; most of the Judges and counselors had gone to their various bars to witness the official opening of the Circuit Courts to respect and honor their various bars,” she noted.
“Montserrado County is not former, neither is it finished; how can you come to someone’s house who is supposed to protect you and you do not recognize them? This is not the first time. We observe that they do not recognize us,” she expressed.
She therefore called on all lawyers to challenge every commissioned Magistrates, if they are not commissioned adding that they should then go to the Supreme Court for summary proceedings.
She added, “I call upon every lawyer in Montserrado County to challenge any magistrates’

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