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Cleric Explains Revelation For Presidency

By Sam Mulbah
The National Chairperson for the God’s Will Council, Jomo Mombo Broderick, says God has revealed to him that Joseph Boakai is the next President of Liberia.
He said in the revelation, God presented to him the Unity Party Standard Bearer and former Vice President as the man to rescue the country from hardship, misrule, wanton corruption, among others.
Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview, Evangelist Broderick said over the years, the Holy Spirit has given him several revelations for leaders in the country. Many of the revelations, according to him, had been for Liberian leaders to lead the country according to the will of God, with love for the citizens.
“I have been seeing revelations for over 30 years now about Liberian presidents and they have all come to fruition. Recently, I saw Joseph Boakai in my dream sitting with me on the same bench and God said to me that He (God) knows what he wants for Liberia. This means that God has decided to give us a man with integrity, vision, and wisdom, to build the country on principles that are in the best interests of all citizens,” the evangelist explained.
He further disclosed that God told him that George Weah, the current President of the Republic, has not led the country in the will of God and in accordance with biblical ethics. “Once you are a leader put in authority over the country, you should love God with your whole heart and the people you have been given power over, according to the will and pleasure of God.”
Evangelist Broderick maintained that others have been shown to him since the days of former President Charles Taylor, up to the days of President Weah, and now that Joseph Boakai has been shown, it is the time for the Unity Party to take on the Liberian Presidency.
He said, “I saw former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in a vision when she became President of the Republic of Liberia. In this revelation, there were so many brown dogs around her, and in a split second, she changed to a brown dog too. That’s the same way the voice said to me “God knows what he wants for Liberia”, and this is time for Ambassador Boakai.”

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