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Civil Society Union Backs Comptroller General In Corruption Fight

The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) has backed Liberia’s Comptroller and Accounting General for exposing corruption in government – claiming that the Comptroller General exposure is positive step towards the fight against corruption in the country.
The union president Amos Kanneh said: “I want to charge the Comptroller general not to stop only at the point of exposure but must ensure that the law is applied,”
Amos Kanneh said the growth of Liberia is dependent on the collective fight against financial malpractices.
“This fight must be embraced by the government because such was the platform on which it was elected, he said.
According to him, six employees of the finance Ministry have been arrested including some executives of the GN Bank.
“We cannot have banking institutions that should be trustworthy to be allegedly aiding and abetting corruption.’
The National Civil Society Union chief said the Comptroller in agreement with Minister Samuel Tweah invited the National Security Agency to probe the allegation.
According to him, the ministry alleged LRD$6million was withdrawn from a special account intended for government workers who have issues with their personal accounts.
“We know that some officials within the ministry of finance do not want to see a corruption free Liberia, and we know they will go after the Comptroller, he said.
According to Kanneh, the union urged the Comptroller general not be deterred in the fight against corruption.
He then called on other government agencies to follow the Comptroller and Accounting General footstep to exposure corruption.
As a watchdog of the Liberian society, we charged the National Security Agency (NSA) to speed up the investigation regarding the LRD$6million and ensure that would be perpetrators have their day in court.

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