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Civil Society Network Applauds LISGIS On Census Result

The Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL) says it has welcomed provisional results of the 2022 National Population Census results released by the Liberia Institute for Statistics & Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) and sees this as a milestone achievement for Liberia.

On February 22, 2023, the LISGIS announced that with 97% of the Population Census tabulated, Liberia’s population is put at 5,248,621 with the dis-aggregation of 50.4 % males and 49.6% females.

The Civil  Society Network of Liberia expressed confidence in the results and commended the Management Team of LISGIS for ensuring that the census was conducted throughout Liberia despite challenges.

It is also noteworthy that Liberia’s development partners described the results of the 2022 Population Census as credible based on the fact that it was conducted in line with globally acceptable standards.

The Network acknowledged that the 2022 exercise was Liberia’s first complete digital census, using state-of- the- art geo-spatial, census monitoring dashboard and Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) technology in all aspects of its implementation; having followed the conduct of the 2022 Population Census and review the results emanating from the process. 

CSNL stated that the successful conduct of the digital Census now sets the pace for development planning by the Government of Liberia and other development partners.

The Civil Society Network stated emphatically that the expressions of confidence by international and donor institutions, including the UN, EU, AU in the 2022 Population Census show how the LISGIS Management Team worked assiduously in ensuring that the process was conducted with strong level of commitment, dedication, hard work and professionalism by all participants.

“We commend the 16,565 Liberians who participated in the conduct of the Population Census by visiting households nationwide to count and collect detailed information on nearly all persons,” CSNL expressed.

Meanwhile, the Civil Society Network called on all Liberians to join Liberia’s international and donor partners in expressing belief and acceptance of the 2022 Population Census results noting, “Let us not give credence to selfish politicians who are attempting to cast dark shadow on the Census results.”

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